Guma Kayaks - Mirage Propel 12

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Guma Kayaks - Mirage Propel 12
Guma Kayaks - Mirage Propel 12
The Mirage Propel 12 has a propel pedal drive system that makes this kayak so singularly perfect for fishing. The pedal kayak features an advanced PDL drive system that makes for a fresh, new kayaking experience. It's fun, zippy, stable and has
turn-on-a-dime performance that opens up the world for sit-on-top kayaking to any ages!


  • Crew: 1
  • Size: 3.66m * 82.80cm * 32cm
  • Fitted hull weight: 31kg
  • Full rigged weight: 42kg
  • Capacity: 150 kgs
  • UV resistant: 8 degree


  • Propel pedal drive system with forward and reverse
  • Hand sewn seating with adjustable inseam
  • Left hand rudder control system
  • Impact resistant stern rudder
  • Two flush mount rod holders
  • Premium deck padding for standing
  • Propel drive trunk cover with accessory tray and cup holder
  • Rear cargo storage area with bungee tie down
  • Dry storage hatch
  • Carry handles
  • Super seal scupper plugs
  • Drain plug
  • D-ring eyelets



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